1 Jun 2009


So last night at Conscription my name got called and I walked up to the front and mumbled something incoherent. And later on when the room stopped spinning, it turned out I'd won for best short story. I'm still absolutely gobsmacked. Every category this year had really strong contenders. It's great to see what a diverse and talented group of people live round these parts, you know, if you hadn't figured it out already.

This was my first con and I enjoyed it, thanks mostly to my fellow nominee Regina (Ripley) Patton. Regina is an excellent writer and definitely one to watch - she's going to go far. In fact, stop messing around here and go read her story in this month's Semaphore Magazine.

Hm. If everyone goes off to Semphore, there's nobody left to read this paragraph. I should have thought about that. Oh well.

Update:Ripley's con report sums up the whole thing better than I could.

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Diane Severson said...

Oh wow! Congratulations, Grant!!! You so deserve it. I didn't nominate Under Waves and Over because I'm your friend, but because the story deserved it! I'm so glad the powers that be recognized it! :-)