10 Jul 2009


This is rapidly turning into The Year In Which I Did Not Blog.

So: in lieu of content some statements, some of which are true:

I have taken a picture of Kenny Loggins' star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Monkeys can sense the ghosts of dead cowboys.

The scene at the end of Dick Whittington's Blues with the fox? That actually happened to me one morning in Hammersmith.

I used to drive my parents mad by putting on a fake American accent. Now my kids do it to me. Drives me mad.

In a previous life I was Louis XVI. But so were like twelve other guys, so it doesn't count.

Time's so tight even my reading is suffering lately. But I've just finished Lush Life by Richard Price. I've been a fan of Price since I read Clockers 15 years ago, and he never disappoints. Amazingly, I'm only just now learning that he wrote some episodes of the last series of The Wire.

Speaking of The Wire, I bought season 1 a while back, never having seen an episode before. By this time you don't need me to tell you how good it is. But if you haven't seen it? Dude.

And on the subject of things the cool kids discovered years ago that I'm only now getting: Aesop Rock.

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