20 May 2009


So generally when my blog goes quiet, it means I'm hella busy.

Yep. Still am.

It's all good though. The family are well, the day job is very interesting and thought the writing is slow, I'm happy with how it's going.

And now, in lieu of actual content, albums I downloaded from emusic.com:

Famous penguin residency provider and author Jeff VanderMeer blogged about Shearwater the other day. 30 seconds in I knew I needed the whole album.

I don't get to read Uncut much these days, much as I'd like to. Liz bought me a copy a while back with a cover CD full of Springsteen-influenced music. Included on which was The Gaslight Anthem. Thank you New Jersey!

Another month, another AR Rahman album. Soundtrack to what is apparently a Memento remake. I'll be checking it out.

All this, and Madvillain too. Nice video!


Mark Bormann said...

I got Gaslight Anthem's '59 Sound with my latest eMusic refresh. Shearwater has since been added to my Saved For Laters. What do you think of eMusic's new approach, with the Sony catalogue that we're going to be missing out on but still paying for? I'll be sticking around, as it's still going to be cheaper than any other alternative for me here in Australia.

Grant said...

I saw the message that my downloads would go from 40 to 30 (but albums might cost less). I think I'll stick with them - there really aren't any music stores round here that have the range I've come to expect from emusic.