2 Apr 2009

My happy place

Nothing to say, so here's a picture of my desk.

Until recently, the bookcases downstairs were filled with, well, books. Most of them still are. But I've set up the bookcases by my desk in a different way. Less books, more... just stuff that's important to me. That's right - this is a picture of my happy place.

Liz printed up the Shimmer cover for my surprise party ages back. I found it when I was tidying and decided it needed to be above the desk.

Note the neglected XBox looking all lonely and sad. And all that sunlight coming through the window.

Apple II floppy drives divide the bookcase. Here's the section for books on writing with catapault, flintlock pistol and mannequin for when it gets really nasty.

Copies of F&SF, Shimmer and Electric Velocipede are stored in a box because they have been known to bite.
The next two shelves are either books that inspire me, or in the particular case of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, frighten me with their immensitude. Yes, that's a complete set of Knuth. No, I haven't read it all.
The top shelf contains all my writing-related paperwork, which thanks to so many online submissions these days, fits in a single box. Also my modest collection of comics - Sandman, Maus, Preacher. And Nick Fury. 'Cause you gotta have Nick Fury.

While we're talking about things that make me happy, may I present Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer. Astute followers of the b0t will know this is the second cricket-related rap video we've seen here. Well, this one's chap hop, technically. But still. I don't even like cricket.


Church said...

Small world. I think I internet-know Mr. B.

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

You're so clean and organized! Does not compute!

Grant said...

It's not usually that tidy, which is kind of why I took the picture...