1 May 2008

Moorcock, Koontz, and squid. Obviously.

Via Jeff VanderMeer's blog, the text of John Picacio's Michael Moorcock Tribute at the Nebulas. Neil Gaiman says "Michael Moorcock changed the inside of my head". Same here. Once you've read Moorcock you realise there are absolutely no limitations.

I have never read a Dean Koontz book, but based solely on the sense of humor exhibited in this interview, I'm going to soon.

Disaster! Turns out that the giant squid isn't that, well, giant. Obviously the whole country is depressed. But it's not all bad news - at least our national museum now has its own squid blog. Finally.

Early interviews with the skipper of the Nelson trawler produced an estimated length of 10m.

I see. So it's a fish story. What is it with fishermen and tales?

Oh yes, I went fishing down in Innsmouth. Caught a big one. Nasty bugger though - he swallowed my soul.

Weeeell, he nibbled on it.

Weeeell, he looked like he was going to at any rate.

Weeeell, I did catch my finger on a fish hook.

And I did get a little seasick.

And maybe it was in the Hauraki gulf. On a lovely summer day. And there was beer.


Hawkwind. Of course.

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