6 May 2008

Dear Brain

Hey. How's it going?

So, I'm really happy that you keep throwing up ideas for me to turn into stories, although I've got no idea where you're getting some of that stuff from. Except wasn't that last scene a total rip from an episode of Taxi?

Anyway, just wanted to say keep up the good work. Couple of things though:
- Can we stop coming up with important characters that have no names, or don't know their names, or can't talk or won't talk? 'Cause it's bloody hard to have a conversation with them and it's a pain to try and think of what to call them. Something that could be easily resolved if they had, you know, a name?

- And can we have just one story that doesn't take place in a pub? And no, a bar is not different to a pub. Just stick to orange juice for a while. Sheesh.

- And while we're on the subject, where do you get off making me write something that looks suspiciously like it's set in an American high school? You do know I've never been inside an American high school, right? No, I know it's not technically set in the States, but it's got principals and hall monitors and a cafeteria. If this whole shemozzle ends up at the prom, you're fired.

- Nice touch with the tomato though.

This is the soundtrack to the new story.

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