11 Apr 2008

Apples and clouds

I try and avoid too much tech-geekery on the b0t, so I'll keep this short.

tech-geekery 1: The iMac threw a rod or something this week - I blame a software update. Whatever happened, it was the grey startup screen with the apple... and nothing else. This caused a little bit of stress for me, since it has a whole pile of pictures of the kids and even more stress for Abigail when she learned she couldn't use the My Little Pony website. There were tears.

So I learned about the OS X archive install option. Makes a backup of all your system files, reinstalls them, and leaves all your data alone. Result being we didn't lose a single file. Nice one, Apple. I did rush out and buy a 500GB external drive and set up backup just in case, something I'd been planning on doing for a while and never quite had the cash. But when you can get 500GB for $200, there's just no excuse.

tech-geekery 2: I am seriously excited about Google releasing the App Engine this week. The persistent storage stuff looks really nice and simple. Check out this video and tell me it's not going to be fun to use. I'll try and find the time to play with it but first I'll have to dust off my Python. And no, that's no a metaphor.

Right. Enough tech. Time for another track from the spectacular new Elbow album.

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