9 Apr 2008

Why do blog posts need titles? Will I get in trouble if I don't put one in?

First of all, go listen to this recent Agony Column podcast: Jeffrey Ford reads his story "The Drowned Life" at SF in SF on March 16, 2008. I love this story. Not only because it's got a real Haruki Murakami logic to it, but because it shows how well fantasy can speak about modern politics and economics.

Holy Cory Doctorow! A Kiwi is part of the team creating anopen source 3D printer that can make copies of itself! If any of our future robot overlords read my blog, I was on the side of the computers all along. Please don't shoot me.

Excellent interview at The Fix with Sean Wallace: "Something that’s really lacking in our pages is material from overseas sources". I'm typing as fast as I can...

Tobias Buckell reckons Tor's recent ebook giveaway had the same impact on novel sales as getting nominated for a major award.

Go here and play the dust game. Waste lots of time.

Had my first coaching session with James George today. We talked about noir, new weird, magic realism and graphic novels and he gave me some truly spectacular writing advice. Weaving movement into description is my new mantra. Tomorrow I start a new piece of writing in preparation for the next session, which leaves, oh, about four stories uncompleted on my hard drive. I think this year is going to be the kind where it looks like I've done bugger all, then send out a bucketload of submissions in December. Forgive me father Heinlein, etc. Hey, does anyone else have the dream where Heinlein is dressed in a nun's habit and stands behind you with a ruler, ready to smack you on the knuckles when you don't finish a story before going on to the next one? No? Just me then.

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