3 Nov 2006

iTunes 7. Now with added broken.

I've mentioned before that my iPod is so old school. And I've mentioned that iTunes, I love iTunes, but sometimes it's been as cold as ice. Willing to sacrifice our love.

Last time iTunes came back with a new look, it sure was looking fine. Those podcasts that disconnected before completion? Restarted, no problems at all. Shiny, flippy album cover art. Shiny. And of course, yet another slightly different shade of brushed metal. Maybe they changed the brush, I don't know. So I'm thinking it's all smooth sailing now. All the troubles were fading in the rear view mirror. Everything was sweet. Then the screaming started.

Copied my podcasts to the ipod? No problem.
Listened to the podcasts? No worries.
Delete the old podcasts and put some new ones on? Just hold it right there, skipper.

Turns out iTunes 7 has more bugs than Paul Verhoeven filming Heinlein. And one of them, seems to stop you deleting podcasts off your ipod.

This is causing pain for people.

There's a solution, of sorts, if you're running Windows. Download Anapod Explorer, which will not only let you delete those stale old podcasts, but a whole bunch of other stuff. I'm still copying the new podcasts with iTune, for now, but the relationship's getting pretty shaky. Is it just me, or is iTunes disconnecting from my ipod in the middle of transfers now? Maybe it's my imagination. Spend enough time with someone treats you like iTunes does, it messes with your head, know what I mean?

I've been downloading, 7.0, 7.01, and just the other day, 7.02. Still can't delete my podcasts. Come on, Apple, bring back that sweet iTunes I fell in love with. Do it soon*.

* Yeah, right. I won't be getting one of those. But you know what I mean. Just imagine that threatening tone. I could always get a PSP...

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