8 Nov 2006

Mo' Better Blues

So I'm doing Movember.

In preparation, I've been watching all the great moustache-themed shows. And because I'm a guy, I can't rest until I've organised them into a list.

#3: American Chopper

I know what you're thinking: American Chopper has got to be number one. But really, apart from Paul senior's truly impressive mo, the others really don't have too much going on. In different times, a number one for sure, but the mo game is tough these days. The mo is going pro. So you know.

#2: Outrageous Fortune

Just look at that. Best New Zealand television since ever, and second best collection of mustachios. Perhaps, individually no standouts here (although Wolf and Sgt. Judd deserve special mention), but as an ensemble mo effort, well done. But not good enough to beat...

#1: Deadwood

Soon as Deadwood hit screens, it was game over. More moustaches per square foot than any other show.

Seth and Sol, not bad efforts, but...

...not a patch on Al and Wild Bill

Thing is, you don't want to be growing a better moustache than Al Swearingen. Cause he'll do anything to win. Shortly after this picture was taken, Wild Bill retired from competition.

Near the end of the month I'll probably post a picture so you can see how well I did. In the meantime, go to the sponsor page, enter my registration number, 43526, and your credit card details. All donations over $5 are tax deductible.

The money raised by Movember will be used to create awareness and fund support networks for those that suffer from prostate cancer. You'll feel good if you donate and I'll get a slightly furry feeling, just under my nose.

Donate. Don't make Al have to come and collect.

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