7 Feb 2006

'Cause that's what ninjas do*

I've been avoiding the whole video podcast thing. Cause my ipod? My ipod is so old school it just can't be having the video. My ipod is so hardcore it can only play the RAWWWK! And Dragon Page Wingin' it. And Martini Shot. And Bruce Hornsby. You got a screaming kid you're trying to get to sleep, jump in the car and blast some Bruce Hornsby. Works every time. Sorry Bruce. I think you're the man, but my little girl thinks you're the happy train to sleepy land.

But, hey, we're getting off topic here. This is not about me or my 1st gen iPod**. This is about the ninjas. So I've just subscribed to my first video podcast and it's Ask A Ninja. Because I just watched an episode and within a couple of minutes he's talking about BJ and the Bear. So funny I squirted milk out my nose, which was somewhat alarming since I haven't drunk milk for a while.

* And of course the title is a line from the most excellent Ninja by 7 Seconds of Love.

** Sure, your iPod can play video and has all the gigabytes, but mine is so old it was forged in the ancient halls of Valhalla by mighty Thor himself, from the skull of a giant. Or as you mortals call it, Tottenham Court Road.

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