3 Sept 2010

Worldcon: 1

Some quick notes from Thursday.

Worldcon is big. And I'm guessing most people hadn't arrived on Thursday. It's going to get bigger.

The Stephen King lecture didn't happen. After 15 minutes I wandered next door to the panel on balancing speculative fiction and comedy with Tee Morris, Richard Harland and Howard Tayler. I thought it would be a fairly lightweight panel, but there were some very intelligent things said about the nature of comedy that I'm still thinking about.

It was fantastic to finally meet Tehani Wessely and two thirds of the Galactic Suburbia team. Really looking forward to the live podcast recording this morning.

OMG Hugos! There's a whole table of Hugo awards from over the years in the dealers room. They're much larger than I expected.

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Tony StarShipSofa said...

In the voice of Monty Python - You lucky bastard