30 Aug 2010

AuContraire --> Worldcon

So Au Contraire has come and gone. From what I could tell, peering at the sparse tweets, it was one of the largest and most enthusiastic cons round these parts for many a year. So enthusiastic that there seems to be a New Zealand bid for Worldcon 2020. Well OK then. Let's do that.

The SpecFicNZ launch went great by the sound of it. If you haven't joined yet, what's stopping you?

I was, of course, thrilled to win the Julius Vogel for 'The Living Dead Boy'. But I was even more pleased to be sharing that honour with Ripley Patton. Ripley's an amazing storyteller and it's not going to be long at all before her books are flying off the shelves.  Though I would have loved to have been there, I was fortunate that Dan Rabarts agreed to stand in for me and did an excellent job.

We're still not properly packed for Worldcon. The kids have been sick, which has made the past few days pretty chaotic, with trips to the doctor at all hours of the night. The house is tidy at least, and we have some suitcases sitting on the bed, so that's something at least. I'm trying to get all my writing stuff in order before I go and I've got three stories printed out for revision in all that spare time I'm going to have. I'm kidding myself, aren't I?

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Tim Jones said...

Congratulations, Grant - and thanks for the kind words about Voyagers in an earliest post.

Dan did an excellent job of standing in for you - the resemblance is uncanny!