15 Sept 2009

"with no likeness to humanity except that they stood on two legs; with arms yet not arms; faces human, yet how unlike!"

Day one of NZ spec fic blogging week comes and goes and I do not post. With good reason though - tonight I've been working on something very cool that will drop later in the week.

But if I had blogged, it was going to be about some of the very earliest of NZ speculative fiction writers. Luckily, Anna Caro has done just that.

But she missed one.

Behold, The Great Romance, published pseudonymously in 1881 (predating HG Wells) and featuring spaceships, space suits and alien luuuurve.

The text, along with an introduction by Dominic Allesio is available at the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

Look at that. I made a blog post after all.

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