15 Sept 2009

The Salt Line featured on Wily Writers

(Blogging live from TechEd 09, where my brain is being pummelled into new shapes)

That cool thing I was talking about yesterday? It's here.

My story The Salt Line is now up on the Wily Writers website. It's available both as text and as a podcast, narrated by the remarkable Tim Jones. This story appeared last year in Unfurled and it's great to have it made available to a larger audience.
I'd like to thank Wily Writers, particularly Angel McCoy and Ripley Patton, for the opportunity to release the story. And I have to send an extra special thanks to Tim Jones, who narrates it wonderfully. Believe it or not, this was his first podcast.

Go check it out! As for me, I'm about to start a session on architectural considerations for Silverlight. Wish me luck!


Marie Hodgkinson said...

Congrats! Off to have a look now.

Debbie Cowens said...

I just listened to 'The Salt Line' out on an afternoon stroll in the sun. I loved it. I had to go around the block an extra time to hear the end. Great stuff - haunting, touching and terrifying.

Diane Severson said...

That's fabulous Grant! Well done!