12 Dec 2008

Julius, Oates, Baby, Hate. Also, how I keep it real.

So as other people have pointed out, nominations are now open for the Julius Vogel Awards. Anybody can nominate for the awards, no matter where they are in the world. Theoretically aliens, angels and trans-dimensional beings can also nominate, although this has never been tested.

I was nominated for Bartleby last year, but not with enough nominations to leap from the longlist to the shortlist. Therefore, this year I intend to make use of this blog in a notorious, unabashed and desperate grab for self-validation.

I have three short stories eligible this year:
Apart in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #36
The Salt Line in Unfurled - New Writers from Manukau and Papakura
Under Waves and Over in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #37

So if you have read any of these, and thought to yourself, "What a good story. That young* man should receive some sort of award nomination for that", then here's your chance. More information can be found at the official site.

I should mention that I have already received one nomination. However I received one last year and it wasn't enough to make more than the longlist so I am assuming the same this year.

And now, for what you really come to the b0t to see, the music video.
There was a time when I would have told you that Hall and Oates, those pushers of radio-friendly easy listening soul could do no wrong. That time was last week, before Mr. Matthew Sanborn Smith posted a vision of Hell that will remain with me long after I have lost the breath to scream. Therefore, to restore balance to the universe and raise a Bic disposable lighter to the late, lamented saxophone solo, I offer this. And it's the live version complete with attempted quasi-rap-scat and the crunchy guitar that was always implied in the studio version but never made it on the tape. Because I'm all about keeping it real, homies. Better recognize

What's more, since the One-Thousand threw down the Christmas gauntlet, I present:
Santa Baby by.... Everclear!

Yanno what? I can't put up that Everclear track without putting up a good one too. My brother totally looks like Art Alexakis. Totally.

OK, just one more, the only song so far discovered by scientists that combines the two flavours of "Great Everclear song" and "Christmas"

Everclear: I will be hating you for Christmas

* For various definitions of young.

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Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

I love it when I inspire mad fits of video posting in people.