12 Dec 2008


So it looks like emusic.com has a pretty complete collection of the Bruce Cockburn catalog now. I won't be downloading too many of them because, well, I've already got them all except for the Christmas album. But it's a good excuse to post some videos.

Bruce's unique guitar technique. I've sat in the front row of a show and seen him doing this - playing three different parts at the same time. Never seen anyone else do that.

World of Wonders in Mali with Toumani Diabate on Kora

Here, at Live 8, performing If I Had a Rocket Launcher on nothing more than a single guitar.

Call It Democracy. This sounds very close to the version on the excellent You Pay Your Money and You Take Your Chance - Live

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Diane Severson said...

Gotta love Bruce! I haven't listened to his music in a million years though, because I've got his records on vinyl. I do have a record player, but it's not hooked up at the moment (still in a moving box with the rest of the stereo) and let's face it, records are a pain. Anyway, thanks for sharing!