21 Jun 2008


So Liz fell down the dodgy stairs to our library the other night. The baby's OK, but she disconnected a tendon on the top of her foot, which will heal, but take a while. In the meantime she's on crutches, which makes it hard to chase the kids around (especially when they steal them)

Luckily, I work for some very understanding folks. So on Friday I went in to the office, grabbed my computer (and more importantly chair) and set up in what will be the baby's room. Yes, I could have set up downstairs, but while I don't mind getting up to help Liz, doing that and also running up and down the stairs of doom twenty times a day might be tempting fate.

Check out my cool new office. Note the wobbly table and Winnie the pooh decor. Pretty stylish huh?

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