27 Mar 2008

Sharks, eels & doctors

OK, so I didn't start a new story about happy ponies. But the new one has nothing more sinister in it so far than a busted up Honda Civic. And a couple of dead guys, but they're just regular working stiffs, more sweet than terrifying. Tonight, the writing goes very well indeed.

Over at Starship Sofa today, there's a recording of Jeff VanderMeer's story Shark God Versus Octopus God read in several outrageous accents, by me. I was aiming for a Ray Winstone hard man kind of thing, but it turned out more like the bloke below:

(warning - clip contains gratuitous Cockney urine)

Weird Tales has released their list of the 85 weirdest storytellers of the past 85 years and it's a corker! They've taken a very broad definition of storyteller. Opinion so far seems to be shock, followed by confusion, followed by a standing ovation. Any list that can include both Dr. Seuss and Warren Zevon is fine by me.

Via Behind The Sofa, an article about writing Doctor Who tie-in novels. If I ever end up writing a tie-in novel, I would be happy if it had a TARDIS in it.

Obligatory music video. Gotta be more Boosh:

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