31 Mar 2008

Little flightless fullas all over the place

Being a round of of kiwis being excellent:

The winners of this year's Sir Julius Vogel Awards have been announced. Congratulations to all. It's nice to see such a brace of good authors there.

The first chapter of Philippa Ballantine's new podcast Chasing The Bard just went live. And while you're subscribing to things, why not check out her writing podcast Whispers at the Edge.

Thought he looked familiar. Outrageous Fortune's Grant Bowler (Wolf) and New Zealand's stunt woman Zoe Bell (Kill Bill) are both in Season 4 episodes of Lost.

And speaking of Outrageous Fortune, a preview of series 4. Still far and away the best show on TV.

Spielberg & Jackson's Tintin is that lad out of Love Actually. Seems a little young to me, but it could work. I bought an awesome Tintin on the moon watch in Belgium but some bugger thiefed off with it.

For those of you who read this blog but aren't in Aotearoa - if there's a Kiwi anywhere near you, grab them and make them watch this video. I guarantee they'll sigh wistfully and give you a cuddle. Guarantee.

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