9 Mar 2008

in which several random things are combined to make a blog post

Liz and I spent the weekend at Hahei, the first time I've really been to the Coromandel. Yes, I know it's only a couple of hours from home. Shut up. Got some more work done on the story that is eating my life and had an epiphany. This isn't just a standalone story. It's all related, albiet tangentially, to a series I'm writing. Things are proceeding better now. Started reading the latest Peter F Hamilton, which seems to have about three chapters in 600 pages. I'm normally not a fan of singularity SF, but this is Peter F Hamilton - I'm in safe hands.

Black Gate remembers Gary Gygax. If it wasn't for this man, I would never have started reading (or writing) fantasy.

Billy Bragg has a podcast. And bloody good it is too.

Are you all subscribed to Starship Sofa yet? If not, now's a great time to start. Tony's taking the week of, so in place of a show he's podcasting one of the short stories up for this year's BSFA awards every day this week.

update: This arrived in my inbox this morning:

StarShipSofa will bring you, in conjunction with the British Science Fiction Association all five of the short stories that have been shortlisted for the BSFA Award for Best Short Story 2007 in audio narrated format for FREE. Starting Monday 10th March (tomorrow) StarShipSofa will upload one of the narrated stories each day. First off, to give you a heads up will be Chaz Brenchley narrating his own story Terminal.

Now this means they will all be up online for free for you to listen to, well in advance of voting time at Eastercon.

And yes.... I will not except....."Er I was too busy to read 'em excuses!"

So... if you haven't already... pop over to StarShipSofa and subscribe for free or you can subscribe via iTunes and get some of the very best in SF short stories, narrated and uploaded for free.

Get Ready,

Blast Off!


Obligatory video. How about this?

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