17 Mar 2008

I'm just not even going to try to come up with a title

Jay Lake talks about rejection. Be sure to check out his earlier entries on the subject as well.

Jonathan Strahan really likes what Garth Nix is doing with Sir Hereward & Mr. Fitz. And having read the first story in the series (follow the link to find it), I do too.

Why not have a chat with your friendly neighbourhood theoretical physicist? Hanselminutes is normally packed with .NET codey goodness, but this one covers quantum computers, time travel, and how teleportation is real right now. A great introduction to the freaky bits.

And on the same lines, In our time discuss the Multiverse. Although how you can talk for nearly an hour about the multiverse and not mention trans-dimensional space pirates even once, I have no idea.

Since this post has gotten all scientific, how's this for a video. If the comments on Youtube are to be believed, the song was based on this bloke.

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