7 Feb 2008

The hopper is empty.

Not Dennis.

As at this moment, 9:38 PM on Thursday night, I have no stories lying around. Everything I've completed so far has either been accepted or is sitting in a slush pile somewhere. I'm also done with my own slush reading, so there's absolutely nothing holding me back from finishing the stories I'm working on now. Well, nothing but the day job, two small children and a garden that grows at a rate that would terrify a triffid.

But apart from that.

You know what, I'm not going to post some edgy modern indie stuff for this post's music. Yes, The National are still ten flavours of awesome. But this song was embedded in my brain at a very early age, popped up on my ipod a few days ago and still won't leave me alone. I still can't figure out why this music worked so well for this show - it's completely anachronistic. But work it does. Bang your head to this:

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