22 Jul 2007

Read a good book, why don't cha?

So I took the girls and wandered into Whitcoulls on Saturday for the Potter. Wasn't hard to find - Emily said it looked like there was only one book in the shop. But I can report that Whitcoulls Botany was not packed by thousands of children with national health glasses and lightning scars on their foreheads. OK, I did see two kids like that, but the place was pretty empty.

Liz is now reading the Potter, so I'm dipping into The Locus Awards. Theory being since they're short stories, it's easy to stop when the book is free.

I also got to sit down and read the new Weird Tales. Standout story for me was Faraji by Will Ludwigsen. Time travel, Terrorism, Tense complications- what's not to like?

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