1 Jul 2007


Didn't get any writing done this weekend and the whole family is sick, including me*. Nevertheless, there were many reasons to be cheerful.

-I totally rule the plumbing! Pulled all the plumbing out of the sink, cleared all the blockages and put everything back together: no leaks and everything works better than it ever did! 111one!!

-Emily and Liz went to the Ballet and absolutely loved it. Meanwhile Abigail took my hand, pulled me downstairs to the iMac and demanded I load the Toy Story web site. She's two and she knows how to get to the Pixar website.

-Flight of the Conchords got BoingBoing'd

-I got to see the last ever Royle Family, the existence of which I was unaware of until recently. Stellar.

-I finally finished reading the book that would not die. It starts well but it's pretty insubstantial. There's probably an excellent short story in here trying to get out.

-I have extremely high hopes for what I'm reading now. And I'm only on page 6! Oh yeah, I've been needing to read something like this for a long time.

-I Am Kloot

*Here's my latest theory why guys like zombie moves. Because they're all about guys with colds! Think about it - you're at home, in the mall, at work, wherever, and somebody infects you, probably a family member or workmate. Then you're all like shuffling around going 'urrrrr' until someone takes pity on you and shoots you in the head. Ask Liz if that's a pretty good description of me this weekend.

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