13 Jun 2007

The Great Plan

It's not much of a plan.

Interesting thought experiment. Look around your house and make an inventory of items you can use as weapons in case of zombie apocalypse. Hopefully you'll come up with a better list than me.

I'm up on the roof. I've parked the car across the driveway down below, blocking it. Opened the gas tank. Hopefully the petrol's not going to evaporate too quickly. That stuff's expensive. I've never been much of a drinker, so my stock of alcohol is pretty low and some of what I do have I'm keeping for myself. Got the jerry can full of petrol for the lawnmower. Don't smoke either, so it took ages to find matches. Found a couple of boxes in the end.

So I'm figuring that when they start coming down the driveway I'll light a few molotovs. If I wait until they're close and I aim right, hopefully I'll hit the car's gas tank. Hopefully I can take a bunch of them out. Hopefully I won't roast myself. Hopefully.

Like I said, it's not much of a plan. There's a lot of hopefully in it.

Wonder how Richard is doing. Playing his Tom Waits CDs I guess. I'm listening to Tom Waits right now.

Patrick, you still alive?

It's late here, dark and cold. The laptop battery is down to about 50%. Didn't know the wireless connection reached to the roof until today. Funny how you learn things sometimes.

Currently listening to: Tom Waits - Hoist That Flag

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