15 Feb 2007

A Vice City Moment

So I've taken up running*.

Initially, I liked running in silence - gives you a lot of time to think. But I've been working my way through the couch to 5K running plan. It's excellent, but it starts to get a little tough round about week 5. So to distract myself, I've been taking Liz's new pink MP3 player. It's not a bad device, for the price, and a lot better to take running than her video iPod. Liz trusted me to fill it up with good running music, so, obviously, it's pretty much packed with high-energy 80's pop and rock. Survivor: Eye of the Tiger, Europe: The Final Countdown**, Boston: More Than a Feeling***, you get the idea.

This morning I came down the hill and down to the tennis courts at the Howick domain. Just as I reached the grass, Christopher Cross: Ride Like the Wind started playing. The sun was just coming up and the sky was an incredible orange. And it looked nearly exactly like this.

OK. Replace the woman in the bikini with me (not in a bikini), change the palm trees to power poles and the buildings to tennis courts, and that's it exactly.

*Stop laughing.
**Every time this comes on I have an Arrested Development flashback
***Yes, I do all the Guitar Hero chords, while I run. More Than a Feeling will get up up a steep hill no problem at all.

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