15 Feb 2007

Reasons to be cheerful

1: The sound quality of the Radio New Zealand podcasts have improved dramatically since they started last year.

2: The Hard Word as a podcast, thanks to the 95bFM morning feed.

3: The Studio 360 show from February 2: Mailer, Miles, Movies (well, the Mailer and Miles parts, anyway).

4: The awesomeness that is StarShipSofa. It's well researched, and likely to wander off in a completely random direction at any moment. They'll find the way back to the main topic... most of the time.

At least I'm entertained during the new, longer drive to work.

1 comment:

Malcolm said...

Like it... the blog that is... the new design I'm talking about... not the other thing... you know, the other other thing that was what it was...