4 Sept 2006

Tonight I'm going to rock you tonight

There's nothing sadder than someone picking a fight when the other person's not bothered. Ratings on the latest NZ Idol series must be through the floor for them to resort to Calling real musicians boring idiots for not wanting to appear on the show.

Apart from Bic Runga, who said she'd far prefer to lick the inside of a toilet than appear on the show, nobody could be bothered to pick up the challenge. Dave Dobbyn said 'I'm just not a fan', Neil Finn suspected it might be a beat up to improve ratings. Really, for the future of NZ music, Finn and Dobbyn are doing the right thing. Because there's absolutely zero chance of any of these kids turning their time on the show into a career. Sure, some of them are talented, but... it's kind of like giving someone a Playstation and saying that will make them an excellent programmer.

I did watch NZ Idol for at least a couple of seconds last night. Took me that long to put Arrested Development in the DVD player. And it really is looking dead. I mean, if Sony have withdrawn their support (and I don't see any other labels rushing in to take their place), what is the point? It's just not worth it.

If you really want to get the feel of playing live with a band but you're not all that, you know, talented, you need to get yourself a copy of Guitar Hero for the PS2. This is everything that NZ Idol is not. For a start it's fun, and people crowd around the TV to watch it. It really does feel like you're playing lead guitar and before too long you're missing notes because you're too busy making rock star poses. The only downside is you end up with Ziggy Stardust playing in your head for days afterwards and you won't be able to stop making the chords with your left hand. The sequel looks to be even better, hopefully including some Nirvana, The Police, Kiss and G&R. And best of all, it's looking like there'll be a Spinal Tap track. Can't wait.

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