7 Sept 2006

go to sea boy, get to sea man

And welcome back Outrageous Fortune!

I've been holding out for series two like a kid waiting for Christmas. It's probably the only thing worth taping on TV these days. Really, if you haven't seen it before, go out now and get hold of season 1 on DVD. This really is excellent stuff. It's the only series on TV that makes me laugh out loud*

And the first episode lived up to expectations. Highlights: probably Wolf's frustration at not being able to mow the verge because of his home detention device and maybe Loretta finding out she's not quite as smart as she thought.

*well, except for Rock Star Supernova, but that's more of a creepy laugh that makes people edge away from me slowly. You know, the "that's funny because Dave Navarro used to be vaguely credible" laugh.

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