18 Nov 2005

dmb & dmbr

Some of the most complicated and wordy works of English literature are being compressed into the jerky speedwriting of text messages, to help students choose classics and master their revision

Yeah, because if I had an essay on Romeo and Juliet due tomorrow, this is exactly the kind of revision I'd want:

FeudTween2hses--Montague& Capulet. RomeoM falls_<3w/_ JulietC@mary Secretly Bt R kils J's Coz&isbanishd. J fakes Death. As Part of Plan2b-w/R Bt_leter Bt It Nvr Reachs Him. Evry1confuzd--- bothLuvrs kil Emselves.

Or perhaps not. Because if I was so stupid and deficient of attention to read an actual book (a primitive device similar to reading a text message, made from biodegradable materials, so cheap as to be almost free and full of revolutionary features like vowels), and there was an essay on Romeo and Juliet I had to hand in, I'd be out with my mates, texting and stuff, innit.

In other mobile phone news: use a mobile too much, turn into a monkey.

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Malcolm said...

Stupid monkeys