15 Aug 2005


So in a post dated just last week, I found that Apple now have rights to the New Zealand iTunes domain. Yeah, I know, we've already got two music purchase options here. But they're both WMA and don't even try to support mac. So don't even start.

We've heard rumours for ages about an Australian iTunes store, and it makes perfect sense that, if you're going to the trouble of setting one up there, why not just map it over to .co.nz, maybe tweak the prices a little and you're done? While I am fiercely proud of the fact that New Zealand is not Australia, if it gets us the iTunes store, I can be a little dinky-di. I'll even buy a Rolf Harris track. But not a John Farnham. Nothing could make me do that. Anyway, I don't want to spark an international incident, so I won't dwell on the merits of Australian music here. Way I figure it, we gave the world True Bliss, but INXS destroyed rock. Let's just say mistakes were made on both sides. And Crowded house was 30-50% Aussie, so I think we've all done more good than harm.

Anyway, I got off topic. Besides Apple registering the domain name, here's another big clue that we may be getting a store. Check out who the free download single of the week is on the iTunes music store. P-Money! It's P-Money, man! Surely that's proof? Please?

Oh, and if we get an iTunes music store, I know what I want for Christmas...

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