15 Aug 2005

I missed the war

A while ago I wrote that I was planning on skipping the new Star Wars film. Instead, I'd spend my hard earned readies going to see Sin City. So I did.


There's no way Star Wars could have been as good as this. Not for the kids, though. Or anyone with a sensitive disposition. If you thought Pulp Fiction was bit too much, maybe this isn't for you. But if you don't mind a spot of the claret (perhaps a bad choice of phrase - most of the blood is white here), and you're happy to wait until you're out of the theater and drawn a giant map to figure out who is related to who and what chronological order everything falls in, go for it. And who would have thought that Mickey Rourke of all people, could pull of the best acting in his life?

It's a great movie. And they're already planning a sequel.

Well done, Robert Rodriguez - you lost me just a little with Spy Kids 3, but you're still my favorite cowboy-hat-wearing, fiercely-independent, resigning-from-the-directors-guild-to-give-Frank-Miller-a-co-director-credit, movie making guy.

Except for Peter Jackson.

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