2 Jan 2010

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards nominations now open

I'm off on holiday tomorrow, a blissful week away from that Internet thingy. But just before I go:

The Sir Julius Vogel sub-committee of SFFANZ is currently accepting nominations for science fiction and fantasy works first published or released in the 2009 calendar year.

Nominations open on 1 January 2010 and close on 31 March 2010 at 8pm.

For more information about SFFANZ and the SJV Awards, please go to the SFFANZ web-site http://sffanz.sf.org.nz/

To make a nomination please email  sjv_awards@sffanz.sf.org.nz..  Anyone can make a nomination, and it is free of charge.

Please send one nomination per email and include as many contact details as possible for the nominee as well as yourself.

You can find full details about the nomination procedures and rules, including eligibility criteria at http://sffanz.sf.org.nz/sjv/sjvAwards.shtml

A detailed nomination FAQ can be found at http://sffanz.sf.org.nz/sjv/sjvAwardsNominationGuidelines.shtml

The voting will occur at Au Contraire, http://www.aucontraire.org.nz/ - the national science fiction convention being held in Wellington, New Zealand over the weekend of the 27 - 29 August 2010.

For your consideration, some eligible works. This list is in no way complete and possibly more than a little biased. 

Novella or Novelette
"Over the Rim", Ripley Patton, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 42

Short Story
"Corrigan's Exchange", Ripley Patton, Semaphore June 2009
"Dick Whittington's Blues", Grant Stone, Semaphore March 2009
"The Living Dead Boy", Grant Stone, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 41

Collected Work
"Voyagers: science fiction poetry from New Zealand", Mark Pirie & Tim Jones (editors)

Production/ Publication
Semaphore Magazine, Marie Hodgkinson (editor)

Best Fan Writing
"Hugh Cook - The Wordsmith and the Warrior", Dan Rabarts. Produced as part of NZ spec fic blogging week and published here, here and here

Best Fan Production
"Digital Magic" - Podcast, Philippa Ballantine (available here

What's really cool about that list is that it's by no means complete. There's some great work out there - check your favorite kiwi sf blogs for more. 

Right. That's me off on holiday. See you in a week!

Another eligible work, in the Novel category: Pat Whitaker's Returning.

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