20 Mar 2009

Submit. Again.


Cat Rambo on rejection. If you're submitting to magazines, you need to read this. Then stop whinging about getting rejected and write something else.

And while we're on the subject: as part of the recent Starship Sofa site update, the submission guidelines for articles, poe'ry and short fiction. Send us some stuff: operators are standing by.


I've been downloading a lot of hip-hop from emusic.com lately. Last month Blu & Exile rocked the iPod.

This month Madvillain (if you've listened to the Jack Wakes Up podcast, you've heard some of this before)

But the album I keep coming back to is Raheem Jamal's Boombox. Came out in 2007, but it feels nice and old-school. You can check out a bunch of tracks here. Start with "Right Now".

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