13 Feb 2009

Two posts in a week

I bet you think that's pretty clever...

1: I've been listening to Auvergne Chants by Elysium. They're a vocal ensemble featuring none other than Starship Sofa's Diane Severson. It's a collection of medieval chants, from the Auvergne region of France and I really like it - the production is superb and it's haunting stuff. It's a little hard to get hold of - don't go looking on emusic or iTunes. But it is still available. Try Four Dogs Music for a start.

2: The Clone Wars started on Cartoon Network today, so Emily and I sat down to watch. Only got though about 10 minutes (which took 20, thanks to CN's hyperactive ad breaks), but so far it seems pretty good. But what is up with the clones? Sure, getting Temuera Morrison back for the voices might have been expensive, but couldn't they at least tried to get someone with a New Zealand accent? They all sound like Dick Van Dyke now. It's going to bug me every time one of them speaks.

3: More music. Blu & Exile - So(ul)Amazing. This month's emusic downloads kick in tomorrow. Will be getting this album.

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Diane Severson said...

Hey thanks, Grant, for the promo. It's also available through Amazon.co.uk Marketplace, if anyone is interested in getting it. If you'd like a sample track, get in touch with me and I'll see what I can do.