28 Jan 2009

Has Bin

Being a bunch of random things:
So a few weekends ago my father and I built a new compost bin, since the one we had kept leaning further over every time I put something in it. And I figured since we were going to build one, we better build a big one.

Problem with that picture is, it's hard to really get an idea of the scale. So I asked the girls to stand next to it for scale:

But then I thought that's no good, unless you know how tall the girls are. So I came up with a scale everyone can understand:

See? Really big.

2: Over at Jay Lake's blog, how many rejections have you had? Interesting to see how many rejections people have collected. I added my data in the comments, since it's easy to get from Sonar, but at the moment rejections aren't really a useful metric for me. I'm still trying to steal time to write wherever possible, so the big one for me is the number of stories completed and submitted every year. Long as I can keep increasing the number of stories completed every year and I think I'm improving, I'm happy.

I'm not so blase about acceptances of course, and I've had a really good year on that front so far. But that's a tale for another time...

3: Realms of Fantasy is going away. Terrible news, and I particularly feel for the staff. RoF has never been easily available in New Zealand, but I picked up copies from the States when I could and I really liked it. Sorry guys.

4: Everything is Borrowed, the latest album by The Streets is really, really good. This track won't leave me alone.


Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

Your daughters must be giants! One is bigger than a wookie!

Grant said...

It's a little-known fact that Chewbacca was actually quite small. They made him stand closer to the camera than everyone else.