27 Nov 2008

Elric. Goats.

A big episode for Starship Sofa this week. An Elric story by Michael Moorcock! Flash fiction by Joe R. Lansdale! Poe'ry by Samantha Henderson! Mind-breaking science by Jim Campanella! All that plus a new addition - check out the absolutely stunning cover by Skeet!

And once you're done listening to all that fictiony goodness, why not grab the new EP from The Mountain Goats and leave them a tip. The preferred amount is $6.66 - you'll see why when you click through.

And speaking of the Goats - buy their latest album, Heretic Pride. Here's the first track:


Alana said...

Hello. I was looking up my son's obituary on-line and I came across your website. Our son and only child, Grant G. Stone, passed away from SIDS on November 20, 2008, when my husband and I were at work and Grant was simply taking his daily nap. He would have been 5 months old on November 25th.

I have read through your blog and I saw your beautiful children, including your little baby boy Rowan. Please give them all special kisses each and every day.

I honestly have no idea why I felt that I needed to write you. I can only imagine it is some desperate attempt to remain connected with someone who shares such a strong and beautiful name as my baby boy. In this deep, dark and endless cavern of hell that I now find myself, I find some solace in knowing that you, Grant Stone, are out there..

Grant said...


I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I can not begin to imagine what you must be going through. There is nothing, obviously, I can say - this is one of the times when words, all words, fail us. But know that my wife and I are thinking of you.