16 Oct 2008


With the unending chaos that is my life at the moment, I forgot to mention that Andromeda Spaceways #37 is out, featuring my story "Under waves and over".

This is a story I'm quite fond of, but I did wonder if anyone else would feel the same way. Because, you know, mermaids? Really? But it's also got Tupperware and you'll learn that the correct word for a group of sharks is a shiver.

If you know Auckland at all, you may be interested to know that the mall Julia visits is the Botany Town Centre. Which would make the beach they drive to in the end this one, where, for the next few months we'll be taking the kids for fish and chips on a Friday night.

Other stuff you really don't want to know but I'll tell you anyway: there were two extremely different earlier versions of this story. One was set in the sixties and featured an astronaut who was hiding from the CIA in the South Pacific and who watches Julia's brother be killed at Altamont. Yes, that Altamont. And the other was set at Coney Island in the Forties. Weird huh?

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