7 Sept 2008

Several random things = post

1: This morning while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Emily turned to me and said, "If Pluto's a dog and Goofy's a dog, how come Pluto doesn't talk?". At six years of age, she has come face to face with one of the greatest mysteries of the world - The Goofy Paradox. I just said, "isn't that strange." No point troubling her with my theories about Goofy being a self-hating dog who is complicit in the rodent opression of caninekind. Seriously, how does Goofy sleep?

2: The weirdness of the Internet continues to amaze. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was bored so I made a facebook group for "Sleeping"? As of right now there are 89,053 fans. In two weeks. Rowan is the poster child for this new craze sweeping the world.

3: The latest issue of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine is out, featuring a story by... me.
4: There is no number 4.

5: Tech Ed melted my brain but in a good way. I predict all the cool kids will be using dynamic languages by the end of the summer. ASP.Net MVC looks nice too.

6: Is there time for some more Richard Swift? Oh, there's always time for some more Richard Swift...

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