22 Feb 2008

We interrupt this blog to complain

This is easily the worst tech blog entry I have read all year:

Microsoft's lukewarm HD-DVD support was the killer

So let me get this straight. It's Microsoft's fault that HD-DVD failed because it didn't bundle an HD drive with the 360, just like Sony included the Blu-Ray with the PS3. You know, the PS3, the game machine that shipped nearly a year later than the 360, more expensive and with no games. I didn't realise that when buying a game machine I was expected to choose sides. Foolish Microsoft, focusing on delivering, you know games for your game console.

So congratulations, Blu-ray. You've just won the war for a format that is already obsolete. You're the new, hot buggy whip. Actually Bug-E whip, since you couldn't even make the effort to put an 'e' on the end of that 'Blu'. Come on. Everybody likes 'e'. It's like a little Pacman right there on the keyboard.

I write software. I'm down with teh tech. I know a lot of other people who are the same. And I don't know anybody who has purchased any kind of next generation video player or plan to in the future. Nobody cares. Fact is, by the time I'm ready to buy a blu-ray player (and don't forget the new television), we'll all be getting our movies via iTunes or the xbox marketplace or some other on demand service.

And games? I've got a 360. It's really cool. But most of the time when I feel the need to play something I break out the good old PS2. Guitar Hero, Grand Theft Auto, Singstar, SSX. Tell me again why I need a high definition video format for my console?

Rant over. Suddenly I have a mad urge to play Guitar Hero.

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