11 Dec 2007

This, that. Also other.

Drive by posting will continue until the end of the year at least. This week's happy meal-sized post:

i: If you haven't subscribed to the Starship Sofa podcast, now is the perfect time to start. With Michael Moorcock's permission, they're podcasting some of his short stories. First up, an absolutely stellar reading of London Bone. Moorcock is something of a hero of mine, and if you haven't read him you're missing out on one of the great authors of our time. If you're already a fan, you'll love Starship Sofa episode 66, where the lads make a pilgrimage to Paris to interview the man himself. Can't wait for the Christmas special, guys!

ii: Last episode of Outrageous Fortune for the year tonight - the only programme worth watching on TV these days. Last week was the final of Conchords and my shameful secret finished a few weeks ago (we're a whole season behind in NZ).

So after tonight, I think I'm done with TV for the year.

iii: This? Is why Kiwis will always win at Movember. Oh, you didn't realise Movember was a competition? We're already organising a pro league...

iv: I kind of did a happy dance upon seeing my piratical buddies and I in Locus. Sure, it's just in the new magazines section, but still. Locus. Phwoar eh?

v: no, I'm not procrastinating by writing on the b0t because the next scene I have to write is violent and I'm scared of where it's going. I'd know if I was procrastinating...

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