6 Nov 2007

Yarrr gonna like it and various other pirate-related comments*

It's here! Well, not here, but if you sail over to Shimmer, you can purchase the pirate issue! One hundred and thirty pages of mainbrace-splicing, deck-swabbing goodness, written by people in various stages of eyepatch readiness and leg-peggery, one of whom is me.

By John Joseph Adams' reckoning, near a hundred copies were sold at the launch party this last weekend at World Fantasy, which sounds impressive. I would have been there, but for that whole wrong end of the world thing. Maybe next time...

And I guess now is the perfect time to thank John, Beth Wodzinski and the whole Shimmer crew. This is the first of my stories to see publication and they did a great job of showing me the ropes and where to mop again because I'd missed a spot.

So if you're the reading type, go read some pirate stories. And if you like it, why not subscribe? It's only seventeen bucks. Twelve, if you don't kill trees. If you're the writing type, you could do a lot worse than sail your stories their way.

Coming up on the d1sc0b0t: no more nautical allusions! For at least a week!

*Yes, I'm all out of pirate headings.

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