23 Oct 2007

Don't forget to turn the sausages

Sure. You could keep on crying about the All Blacks not even making it to the semis. You could whinge about Lloyd Jones missing out on the Booker.

You could do that. Or, you could quit moaning and have a listen to this.

If the Batucada Sound Machine isn't the soundtrack to your entire summer, then I don't know what to tell you - you're obviously going to the wrong barbeques.

Unlike the music I normally rave about here on the 'b0t, this one isn't available on emusic.com - you're going to have to go out to an actual music store and buy an actual CD for once. Actually. Don't panic if you're not in NZ - Marbecks should be able to sort you out.

Here's the first single. Play it loud, then go out and buy the album before it goes all Joshua Tree and there's nothing else on the radio.

And stop whinging about the rugby.

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