23 Sept 2007

The simple pleasure of fresh cut grass

Various things that made for an excellent weekend:

The weather has improved. Result! Especially since it was Emily's school gala.

The quality of stories on Escape Pod have been a little uneven lately, but the last two have been great: Transcendence Express by Jetse de Vries was excellent. This morning, while mowing the lawn I listened to Jonathon Sullivan's Niels Bohr and the Sleeping Dane. This could be my favorite Escape Pod story so far.

The Howick library now has a section for graphic novels, and they're shelved with the adult books, not the teenage ones. Not that I particularly care where they're shelved, but it sounds like they have big plans for graphic novels.

What's more, the library are now stocking Uncut magazine complete with CDs. Unfortunately, it was this magazine that caused me to spend far too much time out in the sun reading about Fairport Convention. Once I decided it wasn't a good idea to fry myself and inspired by the Uncut review, downloaded Paul Weller's As is now from emusic.com. Smashing.

Had a bit of a breakthrough in some current writing this afternoon. Now slightly less terrified that there's only really three months left in the year.

Right. It's Sunday night and there's still enough time to watch the next episode of Deadwood. Here's a track from my new favorite album. This week.

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