1 Aug 2007


Week of geek will be back tomorrow. Which might, technically be a whole other week. Whatever. I'm not the one on trial here.

But right now I'm introducing a new occasional feature to the b0t where I highlight the news stories that make me go 'duh'. And obviously, this is called:

News of the obvious.

First up:
Vegans left feeling hungry... for love

Yeah, so the university of Canterbury did a survey and, incredibly, it turns out that people who are strict vegans don't want to date people who, you know, like eating meat a lot. I'm pretty sure that the survey took about five minutes to find a vegan (and have them say 'duh'), followed by six weeks to come up with the term "vegansexual". Really. It's in the article.

Now I may not be a high-falutin' university survey making guy, but I reckon that if you have any strong personal beliefs, stuff you live your life by: religious, cultural, Coke vs Pepsi, it's probably pretty unlikely that you're going to want to spend your life with someone who feels the exact opposite. Don't get me wrong - it's great to be open and accepting of other points of view. But if you were, say, a vegan, would you really want to hang out with a guy who repeatedly threatened to eat your pet pig? Really. It's in the article.

News of the obvious. I say duh so you don't have to.

BTW: if you're a vegan, can you watch movies with Kevin Bacon in them?
BTWBTW: Best Hell Pizza? Sinister, the vegan one.

In other news, I am now reading The Potter

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