8 Aug 2007

December, Summer, Kloot

No news round these parts, except that I have finished The Potter. Also, last night's episode of Outrageous Fortune was even more heartbreaking than the previous week. Things are looking up though - Pascalle's back. Should be more of the comedy and less of the tragedy next Tuesday.

Apart from a couple of albums, my iPod is now entirely full of podcasts and music I've purchased from emusic.com. OK, it's only a 5GB ipod, but still, that's a lot of good music and other content. So to celebrate something that is only meaningful to me (and not that meaningful at that), here's some stuff I've been listening to lately. And yes, these are all available at emusic.com. Obviously.

The Decemberists - Sixteen Military Wives

Summerbirds in the Cellar - Strange Answers

I am Kloot - Morning Rain

update Nearly forgot: Starship Sofa will soon have a two-parter on Michael Moorcock! What's more, he's given them five short stories which they'll be reading leading up to the shows. And if you haven't subscribed to the sofa yet - sort it out!

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