17 Jul 2007

People being busy. But not me.

So it looks like Richard's writing instead of, um drilling holes.

I'm not writing.

Bunk experiment day 3: kids asleep by 9, which is an improvement. Very handy because tonight is the first episode of Outrageous Fortune season three.

Cause nothing comes between me and Outrageous Fortune.


Jer Warren said...

Thanks for the heads-up re: Outrageous Fortune a few weeks back.

Here in the states we don't get any good TV like that, so a quick trip to the internet gave me Season 1. We breezed thru it, and unable to find Season 2 to download, we ordered DVD copies of 1&2 from an NZ retailer.

Can't wait for 3 :)


Grant said...

Oooh - I didn't know series 2 was available on DVD. And it has the Christmas special as well! I might have to get me to Marbecks very soon.