18 Jul 2007

Overheard at an outrageous fortune series three script meeting, probably

JG: OK. So we've had skinheads, triads & crooked cops. We've got to come up with a new bad guy for season three. Someone people will really hate.
RL: Easy. Property developer.
JG: Nice one. That's pretty evil, but is it evil enough?
RL: Australian property developer.
JG: Nice one Stu! Right! Someone type that up. I'm off to the pub!
(JG exits, jandals slapping on the floor, keys nearly falling out of his stubbies)

RL (noticing the rest of the staff have buggered off as well): Stink.

(Picture from the Offical Outrageous Fortune site)

It's entirely possible that I'll devote a lot of blog time over the next few months to raving about how good this show is. And I don't even do that for Doctor Who.

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