20 Jul 2007

Gone to pot

I don't suppose anybody is surprised by contents of the final Harry Potter book being leaked on the Internet. And it's nice theatre, watching the publishers threaten the various pirates, early shippers and New York Times reviewers. Ultimately though, it doesn't matter. The book goes on sale here at 11:01 am tomorrow and anyone who simply can't wait will just flip to the back of the book while they're still waiting to pay. Fine.

But here's the thing - we'll turn up somewhere tomorrow and buy a copy. And Liz will get to read it first. Simple logic - I'm still reading the excellent The Man From the Diogenes Club and she's not too fussed with the book she's reading (this is obviously a ploy to get the Potter first, because she's reading a Moorcock). Anyway, result is I won't get to read the final Harry Potter for at least a couple of weeks. So far it's been easy to avoid the spoilers, but after tomorrow, every media outlet on the planet's going to be spilling the beans. And it's not like finding out the ending will completely ruin my reading, but still. How in the name of Rowling am I going to be able to avoid the news?

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